February 22, 2014

Book Review: "Mothers Book of Home Economics"

When Mrs. White at The Legacy of Home published her latest book, Mother's Book of Home Economics, I couldn't wait to read it...and it didn't disappoint!

This book is a 312 page collection of essays from Mrs. White's blog, The Legacy of Home, published by The Legacy of Home Press. Easy to pick up and read in whatever amount of time you have, whether that's minutes or hours, the book takes a novel approach to teaching the economic management of home to women of all ages. Rather than they typical "textbook/how-to" approach seen in most of the books I've read, Mrs. White invites readers to "apprentice" with her by inviting them into her home to watch her real-life, everyday work, practices, and decision-making.

Her style is more than engaging...spending time at Mrs. White's side through her book is like being with a gentle grandmother as she lovingly pours forth her wisdom, learned through years of challenges, mistakes, and successes. I was often compelled to slow down with a cup of herbal tea and a scented candle filling the room with gentle fragrance as I read this book; that is the "mood" and the pace...never preachy, never overwhelming, but definitely convicting.

Mother's Book of Home Economics covers topics from cooking and cleaning to budgeting and frugal-living to getting along in marriage, but the main focus of the book is on the heart of a wife, mother, and homemaker, and this is the what sets it apart from the overwhelming number of books on the market that have a "how-to" bent. The book doesn't teach the reader how to fold the laundry,  to cook an egg, or paint a bedroom. It assumes the reader's knowledge and ability in the "how" of housework, and thus allows for any- and everyone's individual tastes, tasks, and practices, while focusing more on the why of our homemaking practices. With each vignette I entered, Mrs. White gently reminded me, in whatever I am doing in my home to take a moment...take a breath...keep the big picture in mind...and then to tackle a task, make a decision, or speak a gentle word needed to someone around me. As a driven, multitasking, "lion" personality, I wish I had this book while my sons were growing up, but even now that my nest is on the verge of empty, Mrs. White's encouragement toward a more calm, peaceful, and steady-paced lifestyle has been a game-changer for me. Here are a few samples that I highlighted:
"With so many problems facing Mothers, we need to work on having a peaceful attitude. Of course we are going to get upset, and worry about things. If we learn to seriously give things over to the Lord, and not worry about everything, we will have an easier time. To have a happy home is going to take a daily fight. We will fight bad news, irritating people, messes, accidents and sickness. These fights are in the mind. We fight off the negative, and work on remaining steady through it all, like the hand that does not shake in the midst of trauma. This takes practice."
"I've been thinking a lot about material goods. Television is full of nice houses, nice cars, and people spending money on things that seem like necessities. I see people all around me with newer homes good paying jobs, and cash with which to splurge. I have to shake this all off because that is not my value system. I crave a spiritual life with fewer possessions. My permanent home is in heaven. I pour all my energy on my children, my husband, and my family, seeking my reward in the next life. ...Somewhere along the line, the American Dream spiraled out of control. It is not about being surrounded by fine things. It is about having a HOME and a FAMILY."
And this sample, which I consider to be classic Mrs White:
"It is raining and pleasant this early morning. The lush Vermont landscape is inspiring. It makes one want to shut off all the technology and enjoy the pleasant tasks of homemaking. I will sweep and polish by lamplight in my old country kitchen. Our little homeschool will start in just a few minutes. While my teenage student is working on math, I will do some baking as I listen to the rain falling and the birds singing. I will do a little laundry and delight in the folding and the sorting. It is lovely to put out fresh towels and do those little touches that make this place a home." 

Mother's Book of Home Economics is a great book for any woman, of any age, who desires to build a peaceful, beautiful, love-centered home without a hint of "Martha-like" perfectionism. I think that this, and any of Mrs. White's books, would make a lovely gift for a teenage daughter, and also for a bride-to-be! It is available at Amazon.com for just $15.19...but the wisdom this book imparts makes it worth so, so, so much more.

Disclosure: I received this book from Mrs. White as a gift for review purposes...however, I have happily purchased her other books, and would have gladly purchased this one, as well! 

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morningstar said...

Oh my gosh a post from Lori! Glad to see it! The book looks very interesting and I do remember the blog as well. This might make a great wedding gift. How is it on the farm? I think of you with all this deep cold.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Wonderfully written review, Lori! What a blessing to receive a review copy! I have purchased only one of Mrs. White's other books and think I'll add this one to my "Mother's Day wish list" :) Blessings to you, my friend!


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